2021 Hoco Dress-up Days

Sierra Snyder

Clothes are scattered everywhere on the bed, but it’s worth it to have the perfect outfit for the Homecoming dress-up days. All sorts of outfits could be seen wandering the halls from pajamas to the ’60s, it was a sight to see.

The dress-up days were decided on by the student council, after looking at past dress-up days and creating more new ideas.

This year the dress-up days included pajama day on Monday, tacky tourist day on Tuesday, movie character day on Wednesday, decades day on Thursday, and spirit day on Friday.

A group of students dressed up for tacky tourist day. (Sierra Snyder)

 “Mondays are pajama days” Margo Massey, the student council administrator, had said. “It’s usually tiptoeing on the line” she had also stated about people going all out for Monday dress-up days. Lots of plaid pajama pants and onesies could be seen on Monday, with the winner being Seamus O’Connor, a Freshmen.

On Tuesday lots of fanny packs, Hawaiian shirts, and leis could be spotted on outfits everywhere including on the winner, Isabel Klawiter, a Senior.

Penelope Vig dressed up as Cruella Deville for movie character day. (JoAnn Gage)

Wednesday had many known movie characters including Cruella Deville which ended up winning. The winner Penelope Vig, a Freshman, had this to say, “don’t be like I’m going to get made fun of, it’s homecoming week, no one will care if you’re dressed up.”

 Decades day included the 2000’s for freshmen, ‘90s for sophomores, ‘80s for juniors, and ‘70s for seniors. Lots of outfits were a blast to the past with Elizabeth Barns, a Junoir, having the winning outfit. 

Friday had lots of Mustang spirit, as the school was filled with maroons, whites, blacks, and grays lighting up the hallways. The winner of Mustang spirit was Senior, Celine Manternach.

The winners of each dress-up day were given a $5 gift card to the Chocolate shop uptown in Mount Vernon.