Half Days Should be Moved to Fridays.


Brady Erickson

Early outs on Wednesday compared to early outs on Fridays.

Brady Erickson

Everyone in the entire school enjoys half days off and it seems like the mood at school is lighter and happier on those days. These half day early releases would be more beneficial on Fridays instead of Wednesdays.

Let’s talk about the teachers first who use these half days for professional training sessions. It is probably hard for them to concentrate on Wednesdays because they are focusing on their lesson plans or schedules for Thursday. If it was moved to Fridays then they could fully focus on the training without feeling overwhelmed with their plans for the next day. 

If the half days were moved to Fridays, it would extend the weekend which both teachers and students would love. It just feels more convenient to have the early release on Fridays. Often, families have plans for the weekend and this would give them a headstart on family time. Wednesday early outs are not very helpful in that way.

The mood in the school would be happier and more relaxed if the half days were moved to Friday. The week would be over so the students would be less stressed and have the entire weekend to look forward to. Wednesdays don’t provide the same downtime that Fridays would. Happy and less stressed students make for a more successful school.

On Wednesdays, it is usually a block half day schedule. A solution for this is to move the block days to Thursdays and Fridays. The non half days would be on Fridays when senior and junior students leave early due to the eighth block. This move to Friday would not affect the schedule; it would be an easy change that could happen anytime. There is no reason to not change this.

A change to Friday early release would also benefit the athletes that have Friday night events. This would give them time to eat, hydrate, and prepare. It would also help because often athletes miss class time on Fridays to get on a bus to travel to the activity. Typically, there are no athletic activities on Wednesdays so Fridays would definitely be better for these students.

Fridays are the best days for half day early releases. Teachers can focus more on their professional development, it would extend the weekend, and everyone would be happier. Wednesdays just don’t make sense for the students and teachers. Friday early releases benefit everyone in multiple ways.