Don’t Drive When You Can Walk


Cardell Berry

We need more parking

Cardell Berry , Journalist

Mount Vernon High School needs more parking. This might not be the biggest problem on earth but it is a problem to everyone who goes to school or events here at Mount Vernon. 

One of my biggest problems is I have to walk over 5 minutes from my parking spot at the LBC.

 just to get to the front door of the school. Some of the people that have parking spots can see their house from the school. Personally, I don’t think these are people who deserve a spot over me. I live 10 miles away from the school. If they can walk to school they should. 

When events happen here at Mount Vernon there are people who can’t walk far that are forced to walk very long ways just to see their children or grandchildren partake in their various activities. 

A solution I would suggest is making the people that live close to the school walk. Another solution I suggest is to make all the mopeds park in one spot or in the back.