Homecoming Vote Needs Correction

Revote occurs after too many votes cast

Ashlynn Carter-Shook

Walking into Mount Vernon High School during homecoming week, people would see school spirit. Some would call it chaos. Students are dressed up in their fantastic outfits for spirit week. The atmosphere is filled with positivity. 

The vote for homecoming court was on Thursday during lunch. Later that day, it was announced that seniors had to do a second vote for the court the following day. The student council made enough ballots for the senior class, but they ran out of ballots before the first lunch was finished. 

Social studies teacher Margo Massey, the student council administrator, shared that she believes either students in other grades were voting for the court or there were seniors voting multiple times. There had been rumors that seniors had been voting multiple times.

Being unsure, the student council decided to do a revote. To be cautious that the situation didn’t happen again, the council members crossed off the names of the seniors when they put in a ballot. This made sure seniors weren’t able to vote multiple times and the homecoming court would be fair. 

Monday morning the court was announced. The nominations for homecoming king are Vance Arnold, Anoop Boyal, Owen Brase, Thomas Giel, and Jacob Russell. The homecoming queen candidates are Tessa Baty, Maia Bentley, Ashlee Elliot, Anna Hoffman, and Anna Moore. 

Homecoming king and queen were voted on Monday during lunch by the student body. King and Queen’s coronation is Thursday evening, following the homecoming parade.

MOUNT VERNON HOMECOMING COURT. Front Row: Queen candidates Ashlee Elliott, Maia Bentley, Anna Moore, Tessa Baty, and Anna Hoffman. Back Row: King candidates Thomas Giel, Owen Brase, Vance Arnold, Jacob Russell, and Anoop Boyal. (JoAnn Gage)