Learn About McKenzie Rentschler


McKenzie Rentschler

Taylor Wilson

If you have ever watched a high school JV game, you have probably seen McKenzie Rentschler working hard on the court.

When it comes to practice, Rentschler said her favorite part is the themed practices on Fridays. Her favorite has been White Lies. MV volleyball practice begins with each person working on their own skills and then in the last 30 minutes of practice they begin to scrimmage. Rentschler, a senior, is the libero of her team and has been playing volleyball since fourth grade. When asked about her favorite part of the game, Rentschler said it is “being with my teammates “Kenzie is a key contributor and teammate on our volleyball team,” said coach Maggie Willems. “As one of four seniors, we look to her to set the tone for commitment and work ethic on the team.”

Rentschler said her favorite part of working with her coaches is “how insightful they are and all their knowledge and how well they work with us.”

 Coach Willems said that Rentschler contributes to both the JV and varsity levels of play. “She is a strong server and makes great contributions in the back row,” she said. Kenzie has a great sense of humor and is a good teammate to all on the roster.” 

When Rentschler looks back at her high school career, she says her favorite memory is “being with classmates. As much as people say ‘I hate school’ I am actually going to miss it.”