We Need Vending Machines

Josey Kosman

Josey Kosman

We have all been in the same situation. It’s the middle of class, so quiet you can hear a pin drop and all of the sudden a growling sound erupts from your stomach. All heads turn, looking to see who’s stomach made that monstrous noise, while a wave of embarrassment floods over you. This situation could easily be avoided if a snack food vending machine was added to the Mount Vernon High School.

In gym class we learn the simple REFUEL method which basically says to keep hydrated, to eat healthy, and the big one is to eat every three hours. Eating every three hours can give you the energy needed to survive the day. It also plays a key role in boosting your metabolism which can help keep your body calm and focused. 

A snack food vending machine in the school would allow students to be able to eat every three hours like it is being suggested by Mr. Whitman and Mr. Peterson in the gym. We are teaching kids they need to be eating frequently but aren’t giving them options on how to do so. 

According to the Mustang Strength and Conditioning REFUEL Nutrition guide the best snack foods for you to eat throughout the day are beef jerky, nuts, granola bars, protein bars, and trail mix. These are all foods that can be easily packaged and put into a vending machine. 

Adding a snack food vending machine would also help the students who get to school late that don’t have time to eat breakfast. I have personally been sitting in class after missing breakfast and I can’t concentrate on the lesson because the only thing going through my mind is lunch and how hungry I am. 

The school budget would be benefited if we added a food vending machine. All that extra money coming from the vending machine could go to fund different clubs, fine arts programs, and sports.

The school should practice what it preaches and make eating every three hours an actual option for students.