Survey Shows Students Split on Mask Mandate

Abigail Morf

In light of the school board meeting tonight, we decided to post the students’ voices on the idea of a mask mandate and bring to light their experiences with COVID-19.

The survey was emailed to all MVHS students by Mustang Moon Editor, Anna Moore, on Sept. 17 and the data is taken from the 135 responses we received by  11:40 a.m. today, Sept. 21.

Tell us anything you want to about your feelings about masks, social distancing, quarantine, etc. (59 responses)

masks do work, but we can’t wear them forever otherwise immune systems will weaken majorly
if i got vaccinated, i shouldn’t have to wear a mask.
No masks because they are dumb and vaccines are too.
Main reason for not wearing mask is not because I am retaliating. It is because I am vaccinated so symptoms are lessened if I were to get covid
i would definitely wear a mask if it was required, and i hate to be this person but it really be hard to breathe in them sometimes, idk why. but if needed i will, i just don’t always have one on hand fr
I feel masks should be mandated by mvcsd because a lot of people aren’t vaccinated and also aren’t wearing masks and that’s very dangerous to the health of the community
It is really devastating the effect that COVID and masks and quarantine has on our activities like choir and theatre. At the same time, I am willing to do things for the greater good of others but it is going on 3 years of strange times when we students haven’t been able to experience REAL high school.
If people are vaccinated I don’t see the point in wearing a mask. If you’re not vaccinated just be cautious and wear a mask when you feel nesessary
When we were wearing masks we didn’t have any mass spread of viruses like whooping cough or rsv
I think that mask should not be mandated because many people do not want there to be a mask mandate and people should get to chose if they wear a mask.
I got the vaccine so I wouldn’t have to wear a mask. What is the point to wearing a mask if you have already gotten the vaccine.
Nothing needed.
I don’t think you should have to wear a mask if you don’t want
Masks didn’t seem to be very effective last year just made everyone hate them so I don’t see the point in going back to them.
I feel like its being over politicized. if it helps, it helps.
I think quarantining and social distancing is fine but masks wont do anything yes People stil got covid last year when we had masks so therefore they are just something that are a waste of time and money
masks don’t do anything except shield our body’s from other diseases like the flu that is why a ton of adults are getting a little kid virus RSV right now, social distance to an extent, quarantine if u have it and if u test negative, don’t.
People who don’t want covid should get vaccinated, people who don’t care shouldn’t have to because its unconstitutional to force it.
I think covid is blown out of proportion but with masks we are healthier, coming back this year there have been a lot more or runny nose sniffels and colds going around then last year probably because we are closer to people now and dont have on mask
I feel that it is not helpful, because we have started the school year so even if we go to a mask option we would already be exposed. Also masks should be an optional thing and not required.
I am vaccinated. I got vaccinated so I could be safe and not wear masks. I was willing last year to wear masks when we were unvaccinated. Now that myself and many people are vaccinated, I’m no longer willing to wear masks. If we don’t take a stand now to stop mask mandates, at what day in the future will we ever stop wearing masks? COVID-19 isn’t going away anytime soon, and what we do now will set the precedent for the future decisions of schools. If we start another mask mandate, we are saying that we will forever be wearing masks whenever cases rise.
I’m surprised that we aren’t doing more to stop the spread considering the numbers are rising, it seems like Iowa is one of the only places handling it so poorly right now, and I imagine it will lead to another massive amount of outbreaks in the school leading to virtual learning.
Why can’t people just wear a mask? It’s literally just a piece of fabric and it’s doing so much to protect yourself but more importantly others.
I believe this is a very hard time for everyone, and I know this decision is also very complicated. I also believe that there is another way to prevent the spread other than mandating masks for the whole school.
I wear my mask now even though I have the vacine because not everyone is vacinated. And now theres the Delta. It just feels safer untill more people get vacinated
I haven’t been wearing masks this year but am planning on starting to wear them sometime soon
it was just like getting the flu, its going to be a normal thing.
It’s really not that hard to wear a mask or stay home when you’re sick. It isn’t hard at all and more people need to do it.
I believe that masks are not effective, Dr.Fauci has even said so, and that it is the right of the individual to choose whether they want to wear one or not. Right now, it is the individual’s right to, and those who want to wear a mask are wearing one, and those who don’t care to are not.
I do not want to wear a mask at school. It doesn’t make sense as to why we would have to wear them at school but not at extra curricular activities.
I think masks are a good idea until vaccine rates get higher and smaller children can recieve the vaccine too
If the school board decides to mandate masks, the best option is to mandate masks in the elementary and middle schools because kids under 12 can’t get vaccinated. In the high school, masks should not be mandated.
It is unwise to treat healthy people like they are sick. It is against my rights to force me to wear a mask. This is never going to go away so we need to live with it in freedom not fear. This virus is very treatable and no more a danger to people who are younger than 60 than the common flu (which is actually worse for kids).
Masks should be mandatory. The vaccine should be mandatory. There is no reason to not wear a mask. Nothing bad happens when you wear it. You keep saying that people should be able to “make the best decision for their family”. There is only one decision that is best for anyone. Masks are not chemotherapy, and neither are vaccines. Anti-intellectualism should be given no respect, nor room to thrive. The only exception should be for people who have a real medical condition that was diagnosed by a real doctor that prevents them from receiving the vaccine.
It’s all fine, its just that if we put these rules in place, I don’t know if anyone will follow them. It like those floor stickers on a supermarket floor, they’re there but people don’t follow them.
It is not up to the school to put a mask over my face. There is no scientific evidence that mask work. I am naturally immune and am safe.
I believe if you aren’t vaccinated you should wear your mask to protect yourself and others around who are either immunocompromised or cannot receive the vaccine for health or religious reasons.
I feel that masks, social distancing, and social distancing are an important step to recovering from this devastating pandemic.
Social didstancing would be hard but masks are ok
Masking up is optional, but there is a Delta Variant that is like a re-vamped version of COVID, so masking up is not really much of an option. This virus, and the variant, is unlike anything the world has seen to-date, so any safety measures that can be taken should probably be taken. I also understand that we want to return to a mostly normal existence, I do to, so that is why masking up, at this time, is optional and why social distancing is not in effect any longer.
I think all the precautions taken are very effective
Masks suck
I do not think masks should be mandated because everyone should be able to make their own decisions about their preferences of mask wearing and getting the vaccine.
Nah my G
I personally don’t believe that if you make everyone wear masks, get the vaccine, and do all of this social distancing is helpful. Not everyone can get the vaccine, some people can’t wear masks, so it is not ok to force it on us. Not everyone wants it and not everyone should have to get it. It is a personal choice and people should not be judged for not wanting the vaccine or wanting it.
The flu has proven worse than covid, and masks can be a risk for people with health issue, along with the vaccine so people cannot inject things like that into there body because of health issues.
dont want to wear masks
i dont care
I personally think that all of the “COVID” and mask wearing and vaccine is all political. I think that its stupid that they are forcing us to wear mask and get the vaccine and that is you have feel comfortable to get the vaccine you are then killing everyone. I have the right to not get the vaccine and wear a mask. I think it should be up to you and your family and no one needs to ask questions. I also feel that mask should not be required since I’ve been told by many news sources that they don’t even work and don’t help the virus come to an end. And when I’m on the bus and I taking it down for a second I should not get yelled at especially because there’s no one by me and I don’t have to at school. So chill out about all this because its not even a big deal.
Masks, social distancing, and covid are all political. I don’t agree with any of it and I hope “covid” and mask wearing can end soon, and I also hope we can stop going against the constitution and forcing a vaccine on people.
I think masks don’t do anything and if there is a mask mandate, no ones going to wear them right so it’s just inconvenient.
If you wear glasses and a mask at the same time and exhale, your glasses will fog up making seeing harder. Don’t force masks/masking because that then defeats the point of the vaccine – either get the vaccine or use the mask.
Unvaccinated students should wear masks.
I think that it’s dumb and that unless you say something I’m social distancing because it’s stupid and just cause your social distancing does it mean you’re going to be that person that stops the spread of Covid so it doesn’t matter
Because of a poor response to COVID, the virus has been able to mutate before things were under control. Therefore, I think it is in the best interest of students, staff, and families to wear masks and use PPE as much as possible. Things won’t get better if COVID can freely mutate into a more dangerous strain before we get a hold on the Delta variant.
I’m not very sure on the effectiveness of masks but I do believe the vaccine is effective and most people over the age of 16 should get it.
I feel that my learning in greatly affected by whether I wear a mask. Personally with a mask, I have a lot harder time understanding my teachers and focusing in the classroom. As someone who is vaccinated, I feel like I did my part to be able to learn in the classroom again without the distractions of masks.