Mount Vernon Overpowers Tipton Tigers

Anna Moore

Senior Trenton Pitlik scores a touchdown during game against Tipton Tigers. Mustangs win 49-0. Sept. 10
Senior Owen Brase runs to the endzone to score a touchdown.
Junior Zatyk Holub listens intently to coach Nosek during halftime.
Coach Pedersen gives a pep talk to the team during a timeout.
Junior Tyler Panos instructs his teammates before the play.
Mount Vernon players tackle a Tipton player.
Senior Brody Ulch pushes away a Tipton player while making his way to the end zone.
Coach Meester talks to the guys during halftime.
Junior Brad Vislisel pats senior Owen Brase on the back after a play.
Junior Jackson Rhomberg runs down the field towards the end zone.
Junior Clark Younggreen snaps the ball to senior Owen Brase.
Senior Trenton Pitlik shouts at the student section to do a particular cheer.
Sophomore Jackson Hird runs off the field after a play.
Junior Caleb Dausener kicks a field goal after the Mustangs score another touchdown.
Students from the Mount Vernon student section pose in their country gear as they wait for the game to start.
Senior Celine Manternach points at the camera while cheering with the student section.
Juniors Helena Holub and Lilly Krob smile for the camera before the game starts.
Freshman Emma Houghtaling cheers with the Mount Vernon cheerleaders.
Senior Kambree Hultquist warms up with her stunting group before the game.
Sophomore Emily Patten does a toe touch before cheering at the game.
Sophomore Marin Denes looks over her shoulder at the other cheerleaders while waiting for the game to start.
Sophomore Emily Patten warms up her stunts before the game begins.
Senior Kambree Hultquist warms up before the start of the game.
Mount Vernon cheerleaders pose for a quick photo before they start cheering.
Gunnar and Alec walk down the track after the JV game against the Tipton Tigers.