Staff Members Connect With Students

Lilly Krob

Directed Studies teacher Stephany Olney helps freshmen Gunner Fishler complete his work. (Lilly Krob)
Spanish teacher Jenifer Carstensen guides junior Sydney Been on the Spanish work. Carstensen says, “I like how I can have relationships and real conversation with my students.” (Lilly Krob)
Art teacher Bonnie Ahrens demonstrates steps to her ceramics class. (Lilly Krob)
Industrial technology teacher Ben Kuker helps the students during the first week of school.
Strength and speed teacher Preston Pederson breaks down the game of volleyball. (Lilly Krob)
Science teacher Michaela Moel talks over the earth science paper with junior Mira Gehrke. (Lilly Krob)
German and Spanish teacher Tom Wilkinson instructs his German 1 class. Wilkinson says, “I like seeing the student’s reaction when they hear a funny word.”
Sophomore Kenna Rollinger presents her biology project to science and math teacher Derek Roberts who commends her work. (Lilly Krob)