Fear the Herd

Anna Moore

Mustangs Wreck Anamosa 47-18 in First Game of the Season

Senior Jack Drahos prepares to tackle Anamosa Senior Grahm Humpal as he runs the ball. Mount Vernon wins their first game of the season Aug. 27.
Junior LJ Kintzel waits as he watches his teammates play against Anamosa in their first game. 
Junior Caleb Dausener flys high after a kickoff during the first game of the season against Anamosa. 
Senior Cooper Schoff and his teammate share the thrill after the Mustangs score a touchdown. 
Junior Clark Youngreen snaps the ball to his teammates, starting the play against Anamosa. 
Junior LJ Kintzel looks off to the sidelines before preparing for the next play of the game.

Senior Ben-Gibert-Binder throws his hands up, celebrating after the Mustangs complete an exciting play.
Trenton Pitlik puts his arm on Jack Drahos’ shoulder as they gaze out at the field. 
Junior Brad Vislisel throws his hands up in celebration after watching his teammates score a touchdown.
Senior Ryan Naeve prepares to tackle an Anamosa player doing the first game of the season.
The Mustangs jump up and down on the sidelines after witnessing their teammates score another touchdown. 
Mount Vernon cheerleaders Ava Dimmer and Nora Weiland pose for the camera before the first football game against Anamosa.
Senior cheerleaders Kambree Hultquist and Georgia Pierce smile for the camera before cheering at their first football game of the season.
Junior Maddie Power smiles with her pom poms while cheering on the football team during game at Anamosa.
Mount Vernon cheerleaders cheer on the football team while stunting in front of the student section.
The Mount Vernon student section erupts into cheers as the Mustangs score another touchdown. Mustangs beat Anamosa 47-18.
Seniors Camryn Streicher, Maia Bentley, Josie Delancey, Kasia Wiebel, and Madelyn Plotz put put their arms around each other, while sitting in the student section before kickoff.
The Mount Vernon cheerleaders warm up their stunts before cheering at their season debut.
The Mount Vernon cheerleaders begin the iconic “March” cheer with the student section after an exciting play of the game.
The Mount Vernon cheerleaders throw up their poms while the student section cheers on the football team.
The Mount Vernon student section gets “rowdy” as they wait for the kickoff.