Kicking Off The Year With MVHS Concert Choir

Remy Merrill

Seniors Macy Eskelsen, Jaden Houghtaling, and Isabelle Krob (alto 1) warm up their voices at the beginning of rehearsal Aug. 27.
Junior Finley McVay (soprano 1) writes down her goals for the 2021-2022 Concert Choir Aug. 27. “I would love for myself and everyone to become more confident in our singing. We are a family, and in a family you are comfortable with all the members apart of it,” McVay said.
Seniors Taylor Wilson, Ashlee Elliott, and Jenna Sprague (alto 2) sing “Song Of Triumph” Aug. 30. “My favorite song is the music of stillness,” Elliott said.
Junior Claire Gaffney (soprano 2) sight reads “Song of Triumph” Aug. 30.
Choir director, Thad Wilkins, conducts and teaches the new music for the year Aug. 30.
Senior Abbey Keen (soprano 2) sings in the third row Aug. 30. “As a senior you try to make every moment lasting and memorable. In concert choir everyone makes it such a fun experience to sing together as a big family all reaching for the same goals,” Keen said.
The basses and tenors sing “The Music of Stillness” by Elaine Hagenberg Aug. 30.
Junior Trystin Lashley (tenor 1) sings “Song of Triumph” from the back row Aug. 30.