“I Dream a World” Poems

Just Around the Bend
by Jackson Thies

I dream of a world, in our future.
When everyone’s dreams become true.
Where racism regresses and recedes.
Making “me” the same as “you”.

And from the passing of time,
Where be you this world of new and old.
The scared become courageous,
and the bland now bold.

Although we seem against each other,
With all this hate we send.
Change just takes one push you see,
It’s just around the bend

Justice & change require less help
in this now scientific, futuristic day.
People work together quite often.
Whether it be at their dismay.

Diseases are a thing of history,
Some might say a joke.
The world’s greatest ailments,
all stopped with a small poke.

Time is a symphony,
Walking fast, and running slow.
Even so, we break through the veil,
Blow by blow

And as time advances,
eventually to an end.
I think we’ll find this future,
Just around the bend.

I Dream a World
by Mollie Snedden

I Dream a World
I dream a world of peace
A place where all violence will cease
But yet after many years, hate still rages
While we all sit quietly like animals in cages

But yet, no one steps forward
In front of the hurricane roaring shoreward
Why can’t people agree to disagree
But its not that easy,

America is a land of free speech
Not the hateful words we teach
The smell or fire in the air
While buildings burn in despair


By Susanella Daugherty
I dream a world
I dream a dream to damn this dreary world –
I dream that whether you are a colorful rainbow or a white piece of paper that you are accepted into society-
I dream a world where little boys, girls, and theys can like other little boys, girls, and theys-
I wish that being safe and careful didn’t make me a prude
I dream a world where parents and teachers teach kids to keep their hands off privates so that other kids don’t have t o grow up afraid-
I dream that drugs and alcohol didn’t scream like an air raid-
I dream that one day I can go to the mall-
And not be followed by grown men that are quite, scary, and tall-
I wish that today’s full meal didn’t bring guilt and starvation for tomorrow
I dream that wearing tight clothing didn’t make me a whore, a slut
Oh how people should keep their mouths shut
I wish that it wasn’t normal for teens to cut
I dream a world where people’s minds didn’t poison themselves at the expense of other people’s words
I dream a world where weight doesn’t matter
I wish people’s opinions didn’t make my heart shatter
I dream a world where women are no longer objects
I dream a world where people acknowledge that men can be victims too
I dream a world where diversity was accepted, because no one person is the same, and to expect us to be the same is ridiculous
I wish that the people who are supposed to protect us didn’t harm us
I dream a world where George Floyd wasn’t dead
I dream dream dream and wish wish wish
When will my dreams and wishes come true?