A messed up season

Adam Vig

Cross country runs during a pandemic

With many restrictions and guidelines put into place, this year’s cross country team ran in a crazy period of time. With fears of not being able to run in competitions, or endangering the people around the runners, many of the coaches and runners were very worried.

My fear was that we wouldn’t get in the season due to COVID-19,” said coach Cory Swart, “Luckily, it didn’t come true.”

Even with the new rulings in place, many of the early competitions still decided to cancel. Practices were very similar to an actual year though, with the only things changing being that everyone should wear a mask while not running.

The teams did very well in their seasons with the boys scoring 12th at state and the girls scoring fourth at districts with 8 points away from going to state. Although the girl’s team didn’t qualify for state, Sophomore Laura Swart and Junior Anna Hoffman qualified individually for state. Over the season, many Individual people were very happy with the times that they ran.

I think I did pretty good this season and I made some great memories,” said junior Carson Sansenbach. “I know I did well though and I am proud of myself this season and everyone that was out running.”

The coaches are happy about how the team could compete. “I am proud of the energy, passion, and dedication to doing it right so we could continue to compete and have a season,” said girl’s coach Sue Deibner.