Tales to Tell From Mount Vernon

The remnants of Ashlyn Steen's car tire.

The remnants of Ashlyn Steen’s car tire.

Isabel Klawiter

Many funny stories happen in school: The wandering couch, from the locker room to Mrs. Massey’s room,  freshmen losing all sense of direction on the way to class, or making a waffle that just wouldn’t cook. These are just a few experiences that will stay in the memories of MVHS students and teachers. Ashlyn Steen, Trista Lynner, Julia Dietsch, Remy Merrill, and Avery Plathe share some of their funny high school memories below.

Driving on a flat

There’s one time in your life that is going to happen at least once, that’s getting a flat tire. Sophomore year of high school, Ashlyn Steen had driven to school to find that her tire had been destroyed, but was running way late to Early Bird Strength and Speed. 

One day in the middle of winter, Steen’s vehicle was a little bumpy and not quite feeling right, but by the time she noticed, she was passing the East roundabout near Gary’s Foods in Mount Vernon. So what would every teenager do, well… gun it.  “But I was at the roundabout, and so I was like ‘you know what, it’s fine I am just going to park, because I am late and come out later and check it.”

Before checking to see if the car was all right, Steen managed to just in the knick of time to get to Early Bird. To her amazement, Steen walked outside to find that the whole entire rubber of the tire was missing. Without knowing what to do, Steen “went back in and asked my senior friends to help change a tire.” 

Not learning in school how to change a car tire, Ella Wischmeyer, Cate Morgan, and Steen “were going to learn how to change a tire at lunch when it was 20 degrees outside.” Unfortunately before they could begin changing the tire, Steen’s dad called for the car to get towed during lunch. Later in the day, they “found the tire and it was near Gary’s roundabout.”

Luckily with all that happened, she managed to get to Early Bird on time which was her main concern and got away with minimal damage “and that’s on period.”


Burners and pants, two things that don’t work together

Family and consumer sciences teacher Trista Lynner instructs students in many adult living skills like cooking and sewing.

During one of Lynner’s Food’s classes, they were doing a lab (cooking some food) on the stove. Class was just about to end and the burner still not fully cooled down by the next class. Her next lab being Sewing, Lynner was having them make pants, which is fine until one of the students set a leg of their pants down on the burner, not realizing it was hot.

Finally finishing the one side, the student was amazed to find that there was “a ring of the burner” and surprisingly enough, the pair of jeans didn’t burn or catch on fire. 

Fortunately, “no accidents happened” and nobody got hurt, but this is still the student now who has a pair of jeans with scorch marks on it.


Number 3: All for a bag of Cheetos

What would you do for a bag of Cheetos? Well, Sophomore Remy Merrill almost succeeded in getting “like a 50 cent” bag of Cheetos from à la carte before she got caught.

During lunch Merrill’s freshman year, seniors would sit near the à la carte options, which offers extra snacks for a fee. Merrill wasn’t allowed to get à la carte, all Merrill wanted to do was get a bag of Cheetos. “So one time, I just knew [that I couldn’t get it] and I put Cheetos on my lunch tray and like to see if they notice.” 

With the sneaky escape Merrill thought she was clear, but while “walking away in front of everyone, the lunch lady was running after me and then she’s like ‘Remy you can’t just steal Cheetos’ and took them off my tray.” At the same time, “everyone saw and was like ‘was she trying to steal a bag of Cheetos.’” All she wanted was to have the bag of Cheetos but the lunch lady wasn’t letting anything slide.


The Epic Fall 

Junior Julia Dietsch,was going through her normal routine last year of going from one class upstairs to the next downstairs before she tripped and all went down from there. Apparently high heels and stairs don’t go well with each other.

Now that we have that covered, Dietsch was wearing her normal heels, while also taking her normal route to class. With the end of the day in sight, everyone starts getting tired and slow, well the same goes for Dietsch. As she was heading to class with her friends, the heel of her boot got stuck on one of the steps. Catching her balance momentarily, her other heel caught on the same step and that’s where everything began to unravel. Dietsch rolled down the stairs and knocked two other people with her. Well, if you’re going to fall, might as well take others with you! 

In the end, Dietsch ended up getting a concussion and on top of that all she “fell down the stairs in front of at least 20 people.”


The next step

I don’t know if it’s all freshman or just a few of us, but like many, Avery Plathe, a junior, did everything not to be late for class.

So freshman year, one day, Plathe forgot her choir music out in her bag, a risky mistake as a freshman, students only have so much passing period time. Running through the halls trying to get to class before the bell rings, Plathe rounds the corner right next to the Choir Room to “absolutely plow right into Mr. Brand.” 

While all of the choir students were watching Mr. Brand continued to hold and ask her if she was fine, while she did the same. Without worrying about being late to class anymore, she walked back to class with her “cheeks so red.” How embarrassing!

Like these five people at MVHS, everyone has their own embarrassing stories.