Fall Play Stands Strong Against the Coronavirus

Julissa Govea

Mount Vernon students participating in the school fall play are being affected by the coronavirus in many ways this acting season. Two seniors, Alice Conroy, who participates in the play Proof, and Lillie Hawker in the play Sylvia, said that the theater department is taking health procautions seriously.

Safety procedures that need to be taken are wearing face masks, social distancing, and staying healthy, which all sounds easy. But once the actors are together on stage it is quite a challenge, and everyone still manages to take all of the precautions necessary. “Because of the masks, we have to get used to projecting our voices more, and acting with our eyes, since the audience can’t see the entirety of our faces,” said Conroy, who plays the role of Catherine in Proof.

Hawker also finds acting in a mask to present difficulties. “It gives the added challenge of figuring out how to display emotions through body language and voice rather than facial expressions,” she said.

Not only are both actors grateful to have a chance to act after the spring musical was canceled last year, but it’s their final year to be able to participate in the plays. “Learning that the show was going to go on was really relieving,” Conroy said. “I wasn’t very confident it was going to happen at the beginning, so even with the compromises we had to make because of our safety, I am just thankful to get to be a part of it, especially it being my senior year. I soak up every minute of being able to spend time with the cast and crew,” she said. 

It is a big deal being able to participate in these types of activities since you never know what could happen in the future due to the virus. Hawker, who plays the role of Kate in Sylvia said, “I feel really grateful that I am able to have one last play. I love acting and I love putting on shows for this community and the ability to have a last one means a lot to me because this year, it’s not a given that I’ll be able to do everything I’ve been able to for the last three years,” she said. ”The fact that we were able to put shows together and are able to perform them means a lot.” 

Participating in many school activities and being able to enjoy every moment of it is the goal of most students.. It is hard to do so this year due to COVID-19 but that is not letting both of these seniors’ hopes down too easily. “I appreciate performing and spending time with others so much more than I did,” Conroy said,  “because I just never know how long it will last.”