Homecoming Dress Up Days Were a Bit Unique This Year

Rafe Pisarik

One week a year in Mount Vernon High, the halls of the high school are roamed by everything from Santa costumes, to nurses, to witches and more. The homecoming dress up days are a tradition. Each day of the week has a different theme determined by the student council, and students are challenged to dress fit the theme in fun and creative ways. At the end of the week, the student council holds a vote on the most on-theme, creative, and well planned costumes, and the winners are awarded coupons for a free medium Blizzard from Dairy Queen.

However, this year was a little different. With the school split between A and B cohort days, many students were disappointed that they would only have half as many dress up day options.

“One of the fun things about homecoming week is getting a wide variety of themes, and seeing how everyone dresses up,” said junior Natalie Spinsby. “This year we only saw half the days, and the days we may have wanted to dress up for weren’t necessarily on our hybrid day which kinda sucked. Not everyone has the clothes to dress up on every day, and by having fewer days to dress up, it’s harder to get into the spirit of the week.”

While students could still send in pictures electronically for the competition on the days they were home, the competition wasn’t why most students dressed up, and not being able to show off their costume for their friends took the fun out of it for most at-home students. Social studies teacher Margo Massey, the student council advisor, describes the situation as “Oh, terrible.” She said the student council originally planned to hold dress up days for two weeks instead of one so that everyone would have five days of dressing up. “But we were concerned that we would lose people throughout a two week period. We didn’t think people would still be excited about it after dressing up for two weeks,” she said.

Even though there weren’t many dress up days, and we wish that there were more, people still took the opportunity to have fun and dress up in crazy costumes.


Competition Winners – 

  • Pajama Day – Tessa Baty, Mira Gehrke
  • Jersey Day – Claire Gaffney, Tyler Panos
  • Favorite Holiday Day – Michelle Hanna, Emerson Kaufman
  • School Stereotype Day – Rafe Pisarik, Sage McVay