Bring Back MTSS

Avery Plathe

The difference between MTSS and W.I.N (Avery Plathe)

In the school year of 2018-2019, there was a Multi-Tiered Support System (MTSS) time on Fridays where we had 85 minutes at the end of the day to do homework, catch up in class, retake tests, and makeup gym classes. But it was taken away due to kids “not using their time wisely.” The administration decided to transform it into a time called WIN, which was only a couple of days during the week and was during lunch. No one uses WIN wisely, it’s our eating time. That’s why we should bring back MTSS. 

MTSS was considered our 8th block on Fridays. Once you finished with all your blocks on Friday, you were done with class for the week. The school gave us time to get our homework done for the weekend. Not only was this a time for us students to get homework done, but we could also retake tests or take tests that we missed. This is much better than having to eat lunch while taking a test, which happens during WIN sessions. It was also a time where we could work on group projects and ask teacher questions about an assignment. 

 MTSS also provided a long time for students who didn’t understand the notes for that week. This teacher can unpack the information and help the student understand the notes better during this time. And if there was a big test coming up in a class, that teacher would hold a big study session to answer questions and help students understand the information better. MTSS was an extremely beneficial time for students who used it to their full advantage, which most students did. And if students didn’t use it too there full advantage they are the ones who suffered in class. MTSS simply provided a long period for a teacher to help you. After school time is not an option because students have places to be after school, the teachers also have places to be. 

The school tells us that MTSS turned into WIN and that it’s the same thing, but it’s not. Fewer students use the WIN time because it’s during lunch. Nobody, not even teachers want to be working during lunch. That’s everyone’s time to take a little break during the day. Teachers and students are rushed to eat, so they can make it on time to WIN. The WIN scheduling was also very confusing for students, we had WIN some days but you never knew which teacher had WIN, the school did post it but it was constantly changing. If you have to retake a test or take a test, you missed you do it during lunch. Our lunches were an hour-long, which is a little longer than a class but not much. To have enough time to take the test you had to eat lunch while taking the test, and so did your teachers. This creates a distraction, and you aren’t able to fully concentrate on the test. WIN sessions are also only 20 minutes, that isn’t enough time for a teacher to re-explain a topic in which a student doesn’t understand or hold a study session for a significant upcoming test. 

Obviously, we aren’t in block scheduling this year due to the pandemic going on in the world. If we go back to a regular schedule and everyone is at school, MTSS should be brought back to the schedule. WIN sessions do not provide enough benefits for our students like MTSS did. Bringing back MTSS would help students so much more.