The Mustangs Drop it’s First Loss to Solon

Avery Plathe

The Mount Vernon Mustang Football team went up against their arch-rival, the Solon Spartans.’ This battle of the two Highway 1 schools has been a closely watched contest over the years with the Solon Spartans winning the past 17 years. The Mustangs coming into the game with a 5-0 record and were ready to end the Spartans’ success. Both schools had a large crowd in attendance to see who would win this tough match up. 

“Our mindset was wanting to go into the game wanting to prove ourselves and make a statement,” said senior wide receiver, Elijah Exley-Schuman I felt that was really positive.”. The game against Solon is always a mental game, so the boys had to come mentally prepared. 

The Mustangs were down seven of their starting players but that didn’t bother them at all. “I had confidence that the new starters we had were going to come in and do their job,” said senior offensive guard Kayden Pendergrass. Two of the players recently had surgery while the rest were out for injuries caused during practice or games. 

The Mustangs held with the amped-up Spartans for the first quarter. At the beginning of the quarter, the Mustangs found themselves down by 7. Brady Ketchum, the Mustang quarterback answered with a deep touchdown pass to his go-to receiver, senior Collin Swantz. The mustangs were down at half but that didn’t stop them from trying to get another touchdown. Running back, Trenton Pitlik was injured in a tackle but recovered quick and scored the Mustangs there the last touchdown of the night. Collin Swantz and Aiden Nosek were later injured and had to sit out. This would be the end of the game. The Spartans dominated most of the game and the Mustangs were unable to answer back. Mustangs lost 42-14.