Eli Krob’s Excellent Esports

Leah Kaminsky

Eli Krob might be seen as a multi-talented individual, as he is involved in choir, band, and theatre activities. But he sees himself in a multiplayer game known as Super Smash Bros. As of last year, Krob, along with two friends; Jasper Rood, and Lance Erickson, decided to start a new sports team at Mount Vernon. Except this one doesn’t end up in dripping sweat after practice. 

The Esports team was established in 2019, and by the end of the year, the team finished second place in the state. 

Krob had seen other schools dabble into Esports and it inspired him to speak up. 

“Someone had to start it. The sooner we started it, the easier it would be to pave the way for a yearly team,” said Krob.

The team of around 15 members is led by Coach Spencer Schmidt, and split into a varsity and junior varsity team that is switched off to ensure that every teammate gets a chance to play. Not only Super Smash Bros, but also Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is another choice to compete in. Krob only plays the one, but is a great leader for all his teammates. The team is all very close and has come out from last year stronger in friendship and competition. 

“We all push each other to be better,” said Krob. 

This year has changed drastically within sports due to COVID-19 but has not stopped this year’s Esports season. There are games every Thursday and are newly opened back up to spectators.  It is played online, through a Nintendo arena fight, but takes place at the Lester Buresh Center, and anyone is now welcome to come and support Krob and the rest of the team.

Esports is not just popular in high schools. It has quickly spread on a collegiate level, and there are new scholarships within the sport. Krob is now a junior and is working hard to get recruited for a scholarship within the sport. So go check him out at the next game, on Oct. 8.