Improved Parking At MVHS

Jaegen Becthold

Improved parking at Mount Vernon High School (Jaegen Becthold)

The new parking at Mount Vernon High School helps students find a parking space easier. When Mount Vernon High School students go back in full, opposed to the hybrid model we are in right now, each student from seniors to freshmen will have signed up for a reserved parking spot of their choosing. 

Having a reserved parking space helps relieve the stress of the students trying to find a spot in the morning. During the 2019-2020 school year if you were running late to school in the morning you still had the urgency of finding parking. People would park in no parking spaces along the circle drive, pull up on to the lawn, or even make a non-existent parking spot a space for them to park. Now with the additional parking spaces in the new lot behind the school, parking is a breeze, especially with the reserved spots. On campus, students and staff have 263 spots for parking. In addition to those, there are 30 spots available at the Lester Buresh Family Community Wellness Center for Mount Vernon High School students to use.  Now, you may think that there still won’t be enough parking stalls, but that isn’t the case. Keep in mind some students may choose to tag along with a friend while others simply don’t have their license yet. Furthermore, some ride the bus, get dropped off, bike to school, or walk to school. 

The new parking also allows students to exit the parking lot two different ways now. With the original way still an option for people to use, you can also go out the side of the new Performing Arts Center. This helps the traffic leaving the school to flow faster and easier. It also allows students to leave the parking lot faster, rather than waiting ten minutes in a line of cars. 

The new parking at Mount Vernon High School helps students park with more ease that they will actually get a parking spot and allows traffic to flow faster and easier helping people leave the school grounds faster than the 2019-2020 school year.