A Clarinet In COVID-19


Jaegan Becthold holds her friend Lauren Swartzendruber while at a marching band competition in 2019.

Ashlee Elliott

Playing the clarinet runs in the family for junior Jaegen Becthold. Her grandparents and aunt all played in high school. In fact, it is their favorite instrument. Becthold first decided she wanted to take part in the Mount Vernon Marching Band because it sounded like fun. This is her fourth year of going out, but this season may look a bit different from the others.

Just like in other activities, masks are required in band. This year, the goal is to get a mask that flips up so when musicians are not playing they can keep the flap down and right before they play they can flip it up. Becthold said, “Masks don’t make it harder to play the instruments, the masks just make it so there are more things to accommodate.”

Unlike last year, the band won’t be able to go to some of the competitions they competed in and are not planning on going on any big trips like the Chicago one they took two years ago. However, they are still planning and hoping they will be able to go to the Peach Bowl next year. Becthold is not happy with some of the changes but is somewhat relieved that one of them is not having to learn new drill.

So far Becthold’s favorite year was when they did their performance to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” because she liked doing the dance with the band. While defying the odds with COVID-19, the band is still doing their halftime performance at the Mount Vernon Football games. The theme this year is “The Witching Hour”. In this music you will hear witch-like screams and lots of fast tempos.

A thing to remember is, “Enjoy marching band, it can go by fast because it is only half a quarter,” said Becthold. Although this year may be a little different, Becthold is still excited for marching band and can’t wait til next season.