Mount Vernon Community Shows Love to Seniors through ‘Adoptions’


Adreanna Flockhart

Lexi Flockhart poses with her gifts from the Hanson family May 13.

Paige Beck

The senior class got their last year of high school cut short because of the coronavirus and leaving them grieving for the loss of what should have been their best year. But the Mount Vernon community has given nothing but support to these seniors over the past couple of months. 

A Facebook page called Adopt Mount Vernon, IA 2020 Seniors was created by Michele Holmes to spread some joy to the class of 2020. The Facebook page was a way for families to “adopt” a senior during this time. The family then send cards, gift cards, or other things the senior enjoys. Within a few days of the page being created, all of the seniors were adopted, some even having multiple families supporting them.

Lexi Flockhart’s mom posts photos of some of her presents from the Yock family on the senior adoption Facebook group. (Screen Shot )

Alexis Flockhart is a senior this year, and she was adopted by the Hanson family and Kelley Yock. Flockhart’s adopted families have given her many generous gifts like her favorite snacks, gift cards, mugs, and much more. “The feeling I got when I received those gifts was a feeling of not being alone,” said Flockhart. She has enjoyed receiving gifts because she has felt very loved. She thinks that the adoption of seniors is a great way to recognize their accomplishments that can’t be celebrated face to face. “Although I’m still upset about losing memories, being ‘adopted’ has helped make it bearable. It gave me a new perspective on life, which is to look at the positive,” said Flockhart. It means a lot to Flockhart to have been adopted by her families, and she is very grateful for the gifts she was given. 

Tommy Meineke’s sister posts about his gifts from the Shannon family. (Screen Shot)

Tommy Meineke also appreciates the gifts from his families. Meineke was adopted by the Shannon, Parks, and Stoner families. He received some fishing lures, sweatshirts, T-shirts, and some snacks. “I felt very grateful when I heard I got adopted by three different families, and I am very thankful for what I have received from them,” said Meineke. Even though Meineke was disappointed he didn’t get to finish his senior year like he thought he would, he said that being an adopted senior gave him the satisfaction to the end of his senior year. “I think that they should make adopting a senior a tradition because it is a great way to recognize every senior,” said Meineke. 

Seniors are amazed by how the community came together to honor the class of 2020. The senior class can’t express enough how grateful they are for all the families that adopted them and everything they have done for them during this difficult time. The community has made the end of high school very memorable for every senior.