Mustang Marathons

Paige Beck

The spring athletes have been very creative to stay in shape because their spring sport was canceled due to the coronavirus. A couple of those athletes have taken on the challenge of either a half marathon or the full 26.22 miles. These athletes are determined to find ways to stay active during the quarantine.

Soccer player Maia Bentley decided to run a half marathon, so that she could stay in shape for her upcoming sports seasons. “During the run, I knew I could, I could do it!” said Bentley, a sophomore. With the support of her parents and brother, she completed the 13.1 miles strong. “In the end, my legs started to hurt, and it was all mental at that point. I kept telling myself I could do it,” she said.

Bentley is sad that she didn’t get to compete on the soccer field this year, but she is looking forward to the two years she has left in high school. Bentley also said that she would run a half marathon again so she can continue to stay in shape for her sports.

Bentley isn’t the only one who ran though. Senior Summer Brand ran one mile per hour for 26 hours totaling a full marathon. Brand has always wanted to run a marathon, but she wasn’t ready to run all the miles at once. Brand is on the varsity girls track team and was disappointed when her last season of track got canceled.

Even though this hasn’t been the spring Brand envisioned she is staying positive. “Over quarantine, I have started to gain an appreciation for running because it allows me to be on my own for a while, listen to good music, and get my blood flowing,” she said.
Brand started her marathon at 5 in the morning and ran a mile every hour for the following 26 hours.

The hardest part for her was during the night, but by then she was so close to finishing she knew she couldn’t stop. “My next step is a full marathon!” Brand said.

Even though these athletes lost their spring season because of the coronavirus, they are not losing their drive to get out and exercise. Running is how these girls have stayed in shape during the quarantine, and they are certainly prepared to take on another marathon challenge. They are both staying hopeful that they will get to have a softball season this summer because they are both on the team. Until the season starts, they will continue to find new ways to stay in shape.