Stay Safe, Stay Inside

Alice Conroy and Anna Nydegger, Columnist

The modern world we live in has not experienced something as drastic as COVID-19. Entering this unknown territory can be hard to understand, especially for teens. We are used to going to school, extracurricular activities, and hanging out with friends. Now that has all been taken from us. We are told to stay home and away from friends and family. This news can be confusing, and sometimes scary. But an important thing to know is that school was not cancelled for the rest of the year to have an extended summer break. It’s to keep the students safe. It’s to keep our community safe.

We can all agree we want things to go back to normal. But if we continue to hangout with our peers, this world of uncertainty will be extended for as long as the coronavirus continues to spread. The reason hundreds of new cases are appearing every day is because many people are continuing to live their lives normally, such as seeing their friends, going shopping, or going out for other unnecessary reasons. Not only does spending time with people outside of your own home put your health in danger, but also the people who have health conditions and are at higher risk of catching the virus, which often leads to death.

As teens, we often feel invincible, which is why many high schoolers are risking their health by getting together.”

— Alice Conroy and Anna Nydegger

With 5,092 confirmed cases in Iowa, 509 of those are right here in Linn County, and numbers grow by the minute. This will continue to spread if we do not learn to stay inside. According to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), we should be limiting close contact with individuals outside of our own homes in indoor or outdoor spaces. This means six feet apart, no gathering in groups, and staying out of mass gatherings. The sooner we do this, the sooner the numbers decrease.

As teens, we often feel invincible, which is why many high schoolers are risking their health by getting together. Although you may think you are perfectly fine, you may be a carrier with no symptoms. And since people can spread the disease before knowing they are sick, you may give it to someone who is at higher risk of getting sick.

Nobody wants our summer to be taken away. Nobody wants the start of the upcoming school year to be limited. Preventing this from happening starts with us. We are responsible for controlling this virus. We’ve all lost something, whether it’s the end of your high school career, a spring sport, the musical, or even your favorite class. We’re all going through a loss because of this virus. But the only way to prevent us from losing any more, is to all do our part in limiting the spread. Protect yourself, protect your family, protect others. Stay safe, and please stay inside.