How I Will Remember You, Dear Seniors

Jillian McGuire, Columnist

The end of the school year is devastating, especially for every single senior. I don’t want to take away anything from them, but I want to share my thoughts on what our legacy will be when we leave Mount Vernon and move onto bigger and better things. I want to share how the seniors made an impact on me.

This school year was genuinely the best year of my life. I started writing this column, made so many new friends, grew more confident through learning, learned to really love my best friends for being there. Sure I cried over a science or math test here and there, but I’m certain when I leave next year that’s not how I choose to remember the experience. I choose to see the good.

I will remember many seniors for many reasons. I will remember two seniors in my anatomy class. One for her quick wit, and confidence in herself. Another for being one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met, and for helping me when I was stressed. I will remember two seniors in my gym class as well. One will be remembered for her ability to speak her mind, and walk her ground — something I’m slowly learning how to do myself. This senior was a great example of that. The other will be remembered for her sense of humor, and her ability to include me.
One more senior made an impact on me. This senior was not in any of my classes. In fact this senior DMed me on Instagram actually after seeing me at a therapy appointment. The senior asked if it was me. Still being shy about my mental health struggle I considered lying, but I didn’t. We continued to text, and the honesty about the mental health helped me become more open about mine. I doubt that senior knows how much those discussions helped me in times of doubt. I hope it did the same for them.

Thank you to every senior for inspiring me in ways you aren’t aware of.”

— Jillian McGuire

All these seniors have left an impact on me along with some many more. It’s got me thinking about how I will be remembered when I leave next year. Will I make the same impact on underclassmen and my peers? I like to pride myself on the fact that I try as hard as possible to be nice to everyone I meet. Sometimes I slip up, just like everyone does, but I hope I can leave an impact by being kind, and always willing to help out those struggling. Everyone can make an impact by being a kind person dedicated to striving to be the best version of themselves.

Thank you to every senior for inspiring me in ways you aren’t aware of. My lesson is it’s never too late to be the kind of person you can be proud of, and to try and leave a legacy of kindness behind.

Jillian’s Journey is a column written by junior Jillian McGuire reflecting on her high school lessons. It appears bimonthly on The Mustang Moon.