Short Story: I’d Rather Be in Class

Jillian McGuire

There have been many different accounts of how my life ended but I’m here to tell you the truth. I’ve always thought the saying that the truth can either set you free or ruin your life was kinda stupid. but I don’t want my life to end in mystery. 

Growing up I always had a fascination with the study of the earth such as geology along with the study of life biology. I’ve enjoyed these subjects since I was a small little six-year-old running around barefoot and carefree. It’s ironic if you think about where I ended up. Where we all refuse to admit we are ending up. My fascination with studying life that is. I just finished my life sooner than the average person. It is a huge shame I didn’t die with more money to my name. I didn’t hope to be a multimillionaire but I hoped I would die with maybe just a few million dollars to my name. I had never planned to die a broke kid at sixteen.

Contrary to the popular belief how my life ended was nothing exciting. My life did not end in a wild gang shooting although that is my personal favorite story. It didn’t end with an allergic reaction either. As many stories about my death as I have seen people make up about my life, my death has been the biggest exaggeration in this school since a rumor went around that the math final was easy.  I died a quick death in a car accident, I was driving cautiously, the other driver was not and swerved into my car.

The good part about being dead, one of the only good things about being dead is never having to go to school. It’s a relief I never have to find the circumference of a circle ever again. I will never have to use logical thinking ever again to try and pass a multiple-choice test. I guess you are feeling pretty envious of my life right now as you sit in class. Being bored out of your mind.  The thing is I wish I was there with you. Wow, I can not imagine I said that.