Science Olympiad Club Off to Strong Start

Video created by Lily Cripe, Elsa LaFollette, and Michaela Rowell

Addisen Santee

The class of 2020 won state Science Olympiad freshman year, and have a good chance to do the same this spring. The club is advised by science teacher Alaina Appley, to help students to gain more skills in science as they grow and learn through competition. Students at MV showed their scientific skills at a science olympiad competition held at the middle school building Dec. 21.

Students competed in multiple categories. An example is a ping pong parachute which Aubrey Frey, Ben Moss and Adam Vig participated in. The competition is based on how well your experiment turns out.

“I enjoy seeing the kids grow up, and begin preparing for college,” said Appley. “Not many teachers can say they can, but having the students all four years I can watch them grow.” Appley said she enjoys hosting Science Olympiad, and continuing to guide these smart kids on their journey in science.

As they move forward with their minds set on going to state, they only hope for the best. “My favorite part about science olympiad is getting a completely new experience than I would in other activities,” said senior Aubrey Frey. “I am able to learn a variety of things in different events, and hangout with some pretty cool people.” Being a part of something where they feel very welcomed, and themselves in is a large reason students are taking part in Science Olympiad.

Watch the above video created by Lily Cripe, Elsa LaFollette, and Michaela Rowell to learn more about Science Olypiad’s history at Mount Vernon and their work this year. State is held at the University of Northern Iowa March 7.