Please Don’t Panic: A Poem

Please Don't Panic: A Poem

Jillian McGuire, Columnist

My body is shaking.

I feel out of control. 

Things have escalated. 

I forgot this feeling. 

despite having felt this way time after time. 

This sudden feeling, a painful reality

0 To 10 in a blink of an eye


Think, Think, Think 

How to calm down, what can i do.

Think Think Think 

Deep breaths another method 5 4 3 2 1

Hop in the shower if possible let the water run down


Drink ice water if possible

it won’t solve everything but you need it. 

Enjoy the coldness as it matches how you feel in the moment

Once you stop shaking 

Once you calm down give yourself more time

Allow yourself to feel


Take time

Realize you aren’t weak for this

Surviving is tough

you don’t deserve this

but you have to continue

Feel no shame this is not your fault

Be proud of yourself for surriving 

Jillian’s Journey is a column written by junior Jillian McGuire reflecting on her high school lessons. It will appear bimonthly on The Mustang Moon.