Last Performance of Eurydice is Saturday

Henry Maddock, Editor

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Henry Maddock
Senior Derek Jordan and junior Megan Baumler perform in a scene together during a Eurydice dress rehearsal on Oct. 25.

Everyone loves a good tragedy. From Romeo and Juliet to Julius Caesar, these shows don’t mess around when it comes to tragic endings.

Eurydice is no different. Eurydice is a story of life and death, love and hate; anything goes in this modern twist of old Greek literature. With a cast of seven actors and 10 workers in tech crew, this small but impactful show is a sight to see.

Derek Jordan, who plays Eurydice’s father, is a fifth-year actor and member of the Mount Vernon Thespian Troupe. He said Eurydice is a story about the title character’s journey through life and her tragic death, though it lightens up when she reconnects with her father in the underworld. “Eurydice is a chance to do something I enjoy while trying something new,” he said. This is Jordan’s first fall play, but he has been in musicals. “It’s a chance for me to explore different personalities and people you create,”  Jordan said of acting. “It gives me a chance to be creative and hang out with people.”

Eli Webster plays Hades in Eurydice. Webster, a junior, says that Eurydice “is a chance to show people what I am made of.” said Webster. “It’s a way to express myself.”

Though Webster has only performed in school shows since sophomore year, he has done Speech since freshman year. He says, “It’s a new, different kind of theater that’s fun.”

This show is a definite must-see and will guarantee to bring a tear to your eye. Even if theater is not something you’d like, Eurydice will change that.

Eurydice debuted on Saturday, Oct 26. The last chance to see it is this Saturday at 7 p.m.