Outdated Equipment in the Shop


Tyler Stine

In the shop, at Mount Vernon High School, machinery and equipment need to be updated in the industrial tech classrooms. The equipment is still usable but very outdated and can be dangerously unsafe in certain situations. The dangers of some of these machines are lack of shielded protection and possibly dull blades that could do harm if the user is not careful. These outdated machines also lack mobility.

The easiest and most logical way to fix these problems would be to replace the old machinery with a more reliable, modern piece of equipment. Most of the newer shop machinery and equipment has features that protect the user, like shielding guards. The newer machine models have the option to attach temporary mobility for easier movement and can come with replaceable blades to switch in and out to improve the machines efficiency.

These improvements can help but they also have slight drawbacks that come with them. Upgrading to a newer model costs a lot more money than keeping an older, used machine. Some of the older equipment is very durable and lasts a long time, all while being cheap in price. Adding mobility to a machine can make movement easier but when using the machine for work it may move uncontrollably if the wheels do not have locks to stop movement.

Clearly, improvements to the shop equipment would have major benefits. Having safety guards on machines will allow easy use of the machine and having the ability to move equipment around with attachable wheels can prevent potential harm to the human body. These improvements are clear reasons why Mount Vernon High School needs modern equipment in the shop.