Kaminsky Exhibits Singing Talent

Addisen Santee

Addisen Santee
Junior Leah Kaminsky sings a solo at the choir concert Oct. 21 in the middle school gym.

Auditioning for The Voice and singing at the Iowa State Fair last summer, Leah Kaminsky is sharing her beautiful voice with others, giving goosebumps, and putting people in awe. “Seeing people’s faces while I’m singing and making the audience happy inspires me to continue, and push myself,” Kaminsky, a junior, said.

Kaminsky doesn’t get nervous pre-show; now it’s mostly butterflies. To get to where she is now with her voice she had the help of Thad Wilkins, the choir teacher at Mount Vernon High School.

Starting in school concerts and working her way to well-known competitions on television, such as The Voice, has been Kaminsky’s vocal journey so far. Kaminsky has been singing since she was little. The thing that continues pushing her to sing is how it helps to express herself, and get through hard times.

“Leah’s biggest growth by far is her confidence and putting herself out there to grow,” Wilkins said. He’s very proud of her, and he said she is especially talented in her transition styles, and in singing jazz, pop, and classical music. She can sing anything.

Another thing she’s done to get to where she is now is practice singing three hours a day for fun. In the future after high school she plans to go to college for music composition, and be a songwriter. To get her closer to her goals, she is currently going to a recording studio and writing her own songs. She said that the music she has written is a mix between Post Malone and Billie Eilish.