Optional Homework is a Bad Idea


Sydney Parks

With the new EBR grading system comes along nongraded homework. Some may say this is a great idea, but optional homework is just not cutting it for Mount Vernon High School students. Homework is a very beneficial activity and an important part of a successful student’s schedule. However, when students can choose whether or not to do their homework, it usually becomes an easy choice to not. 

Homework provides practice for the skill after a student has been taught the lesson. In order to fully know and understand what is being taught, it is important to apply the skill and use it. It is a student’s job to be responsible for their own learning and independently exercise their learning for their own benefit, but many high school students need the motivator of a grade to monitor their responsibility and learning. Students bringing home homework also shows and involves parents in their child’s learning and development. Homework also greatly improves test scores. 

Practicing the skills we have been taught in class provides a deeper understanding of the subject. Repetition stays in your memory which is why when we listen to a song multiple times, we can remember the lyrics very quickly. Homework is a very important part of a student’s learning.

Point system grading lets students get points for getting their homework completed. This motivates kids to do their homework not only so that they can understand the topic better, but so their grade stays in tact. Now that homework does not improve a student’s grade, there is less motivation to do it. 

Teachers say that optional homework is good because students can choose what they want to practice, but it is quite obvious that the students who need the practice the most would rather do other things. Students who don’t understand a lesson would rather spend their after school time doing things they enjoy rather than struggling on an assignment that they did not understand in the first place.  

Optional homework is not working and even with our EBR system, we could still receive credit for getting our homework done which will give us the motivation to get it done. If teachers would start giving credit for homework this would help us to understand the lessons we are learning better and improve student’s grades by a lot.