Why Homework is Bad

Kaiden Shannon

Every day there are students that come home from school stressed out and unhappy about school and their current classes. After school, most students want to spend their free time doing what they want, when they want. However, homework can cause the students’ spare time to go to waste and make their day, along with them, miserable. Depending on the homework, it can take hours to complete all of the given assignments. 

When involved in extracurricular activities, the amount of spare time that’s available to students decreases dramatically. After their practice or participation in the extracurricular activity, the student then has to focus on their homework which can take up the rest of their night and spare time. Another problem would be that the student athlete is finished with a mentally and physically draining practice that they gave hard effort in, and then has hours of homework to do while being exhausted from practice. Depending on how long the extracurricular activity goes for that night, the student may not be able to get an adequate amount of sleep and perform worse in school the next day.

At Mount Vernon High School, once students are done with after school activities, some students are faced with having to work a part time job to earn money for themselves, their family, or their future and education. After working those shifts, students are faced with hours of homework and stress to deal with. However, at Mt. Vernon High School the school follows an EBR grading scale. 

This means homework isnt technically required, allowing students to enjoy themselves more often and not have constant stress about whether their homework is completed or not. Homework shouldn’t be necessary, teachers hand it out as practice and learning, but for those who understand the material in the class it does nothing but add stress and unnecessary work to the student.