The Enjoyment of Football

Nicholas Emig

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Tyler Stine

Tyler Stine is a talented football player on the varsity team. He plays football with his friends. It’s been his passion since the seventh grade ever since his friends an family convinced him to go out and he found out he loved it.

“My secret to success is that I give it 110 percent at all times during a game and during practice,” Stine said. “I tried to lighten the mood by making jokes and just trying to make everyone enjoy themselves and enjoy the game.” Sometimes,  he tries to hype his team up by screaming and making jokes, but he says that sometimes in the hallway or in a class he is disruptive and does it at bad times, but he’s really good at hyping them up.

“Some of my strengths are that I give it my all and tried to push others on my team to do the same,” Stine said. During practices he will push himself to the limits and sometimes past it but he said he does have some weaknesses. Some of Stine’s weaknesses are that there are some days when he doesn’t have the motivation to give it his all that he’s tired or just having a bad day. When they’re losing a game, he loses motivation to keep going. He said that it’s hard to keep focus and see the light or the good things at the end.

“My advice for people who want to join the football team is that they should try new things, I didn’t know if I’d like it till I joined it and I’ve loved it ever since,” Stine said. He motivates people to try football out and give it their all in hopes that they will find the same passion he found in football.