The Homecoming Parade


The Volleyball float

Kaiden Shannon

With the band warming up, the volleyball team jamming out, and the soccer float gathering teammates, the Mount Vernon 2019 homecoming parade was about to unroll. Many members of the Mount Vernon community and Mount Vernon High School students came together to throw out candy and bring joy to the town.

Just before the homecoming game against West Liberty, and even before the coronation of the homecoming king and queen the parade was traveling throughout Mount Vernon with various floats. The basketball team’s float was having fun, the cross country float was tossing candy, and the band was the in front playing their instruments for all to hear. 

However, something different about this year’s parade was that the football team didn’t have a float. On Thursday powderpuff was supposed to take place, unfortunately, Friday’s football game was postponed due to expected rain so it had to be moved to Thursday in place of powder puff. Because of this, the football teams were not able to partake in the parade and had to prepare for their upcoming game. “It was very weird not being apart of the parade, it’s expected every year to be on the football float with the team but this year that couldn’t happen,” junior football player Tyler Stine said.

The homecoming candidates were there too, cruising through the town and down main street in the various expensive cars. Of all those candidates to be chosen as king and queen, Colter LaFollete and Sara De La Rosa were unknowingly going to be chosen as the 2019 homecoming king and queen. “I expected, and hoped for, Colter to win homecoming king. It was nice that people worked together for an experience like that to happen to him, he really deserves it.” said junior Aidan Nosek.