What We Leave Behind

Jillian McGuire, Columnist

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When I was a little kid I was a shy kid. Believe it or not. I was not always as loud as I am now. I had light blonde hair and the blue eyes I have now. I went through a stage where I only wore dresses and skirts. Now sweatpants are my safe haven. Sweatpants, although not always stylish, are my go-to clothing item if allowed. Isn’t it crazy how we change as we grow up?

When I was little, my favorite thing to do was play Littlest Pet Shops.I remember when I got too old to play, I would keep them under by pillow and play with them secretly. I held on to those little pet shops for as long as I could. Eventually I discovered new interests and hobbies. I recently came across them in the attic, and I was reminded of all the happiness they brought me.

Although I changed and grew up, some things have stayed the same. I have always enjoyed making those around me laugh.That is one thing that has stayed the same from elementary to high school. I actually have discovered that making others happy is something I value more and more as I get older.

We should realize that who we as a kid is still a part of the improved version of us. ”

— Jillian McGuire

I used to be a huge bookworm. I never was able to get my head out of a book. I stopped being in love with reading for awhile. Every time I picked up a book and couldn’t get into it I felt like something was missing. A piece of me was gone for some reason. Recently I have been reading again my choice of literature for a class. I have discovered the bookworm in me still exists. She actually wasn’t gone.The kid in me sometimes feel long gone.

Sometimes the things we miss about ourselves aren’t gone, they are hidden We should focus on the positive aspects of growth. The kid I was then is still a part of who I am. The kid in me isn’t dead. The imagination I used to create stories with my little pet shops now is used to write stories. I can still make my friends laugh. All I am now is a different version of her, an older one but when we miss who we were. We should realize that who we as a kid is still a part of the improved version of us. 

Jillian’s Journey is a column written by junior Jillian McGuire reflecting on her high school lessons. It will appear bimonthly on The Mustang Moon.