Top Realm of the Mad God Dungeons

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Top Realm of the Mad God Dungeons

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By Jayden Rasmussen

Image result for realm of the mad god white bag

This is Realm of the Mad God and this player was lucky enough to get a white bag which drops the rarest and best equipment.


Realm of the Mad God is a computer game that many high school students have played since middle school. Students begin to play it in seventh grade when middle school students are given laptops. Realm of the Mad God is a game where you can pick from 15 different characters and play online to get better equipment and rare equipment for your character. This game consists of over 20 dungeons that drop all kinds of equipment for each of the characters. Character skins can be found in dungeons and can be bought. A survey was taken by 23 Mount Vernon High School students through email that have played this game to find what the favorite dungeons are.


The favorite dungeon is called Tomb of the Ancients which drops good equipment for your character. You will find many online players in that dungeon with you because it is extremely popular.  “It’s the best dungeon to do with friends and good rewards come out of it,” said senior realm player Tyler Elliott.

The Shatters is the second most popular dungeon which takes a while to do, but can be very rewarding. Many online players are ready to beat The Shatters along with you. “You get a chance at some of the best equipment in the game and it take a lot of people to beat it,” said experienced realm player Jackson Meeker.

Ocean Trench is another fun portal to run with a small group of friends.  “ It’s a good portal that’s fairly easy and gives good rewards,” said realm master Kale Merrill. Whenever this dungeon is found every player that finds it will also enter. Equipment from Ocean Trench will be seen on many online characters.

The Nest is a portal ran by only the better Realm of the Mad God players because it is fairly difficult. The Nest is a somewhat rare dungeon to come across and a large group is needed to complete it. If you are good enough to complete this dungeon you may find yourself earning incredible rewards. The Nest is a favorite for the outstanding Realm of the Mad God players.

The Lair of Draconis also known as LOD is a very fun dungeon. LOD consists of five bosses that are all different colors. After each boss is defeated a chest will be spawned which the players shoot at with a random chance at equipment. Big groups of people are wanted for this dungeon to speed up the process to complete.

Out of over 20 different dungeons these are voted to be the favorite five in Realm of the Mad God. New dungeons come out frequently and strategies are formed by online players to complete them. Realm of the Mad God is a game that can bring friends together and many students find it to be their favorite.