Top 10 Netflix Shows

Lauren Burkle

By Lauren Burkle

As a student, some relaxation time is much needed. To take a break from school, friends, family, and possibly work, many hop on Netflix. Netflix is also an option on the weekend or on a longer break when it can be hard to find much to do. Among MV high school students, some shows are commonly watched, some shows only watched by a few.

  1. Senior Madi Speed found the show The Walking Dead in her recommended section on Netflix and decided to give it a shot. At first, this show based on a zombie apocalypse grossed her out so she took a break. Speed binged the first three seasons of the show, then had to patiently wait to see each episode of season four through eight weekly on TV.


  1. Senior Becky Edwards also found her favorite show in the recommended for you section on Netflix. She watches Gossip Girl, a show based on the drama inside a privileged prep school. Becky only streams this on the weekends, typically by herself. After three months, she is only on season five of the seven total seasons. “I like that it shows a part of society that I can’t relate to but they make the characters relatable.”


  1. Sydney Parks’ friends introduced her to the show Vampire Diaries and she began to watch the show with her younger sister. For this sophomore, it took about four months to finish the eight seasons full of drama and secrets. “I really like looking at hot vampires and werewolves.”


  1. Sophia Andrews, a sophomore at MV found this interesting show, Atypical, from her parents, who had already started it without her. She ended up watching the two released seasons in just a week since she found it so entertaining. “It’s very dramatic,” says Andrews, “ it gives representation to people with autism”.


  1. Another common show at MVHS is Greys Anatomy, especially liked by junior Tryston Locke. Tryston and his mother started the show when he was little, he continued to watch the show as he got older. This junior has not only seen all 14 seasons once, but he has also seen most episode multiple times.


  1. Junior Cuyler Reid was introduced to the show Shameless by a friend over the summer. There are 8 seasons of the show on Netflix, to watch all of the show it took Reid about three months. She claims that while the humor is more for adults, it’s still hilarious. Shameless is based around a dysfunctional family, the Gallaghers. Her favorite character is Carl, one of the sons because of how reckless he can be. Senior Erin Fencl was also introduced to the show by a friend, she enjoys how real the family seems and seeing what situations they’re put into.


  1. While searching through the new releases section on Netflix, sophomore Kaylynn Burgin found the show You. With only one season out, it only took her about a week and a half to finish it but she plans on watching more when more seasons are released. In You, a bookstore manager grows creepily attached to a customer. Burgin said that while watching You, “I find myself on the edge of my seat throughout the series, its a very shocking show”.


  1. A major hit with MV students is the show Stranger Things, released in ‘16. Junior Nicole Theobald watched both of the available seasons in just about 4 days, she found it almost impossible to stop watching. “It was different than typical shows on tv, plus it was kind of scary so that was fun because it wasn’t too bad.” Nicole is hoping more seasons will be released, she loves to watch her favorite character, Eleven and see how she develops.


  1. As juniors and twins, Paige and Shannon beck both streamed the show Friends on Netflix. While the duo didn’t watch the show together, they both ended up watching it within the same time period. Paige reveals that the 10 seasons of this show only took her a month to finish!

      1. Sophomores Annabell Steil and Kaleigh Fox both enjoyed the show The Office on Netflix. For Fox, it took about a month and a half to finish this nine seasons show. Her favorite is Pam, the receptionist because of how “genuine and inspirational she is”. The Office takes place at Dunder Mifflin Paper Company in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Students at MVHS love this show because it never fails to get a laugh.


Throughout Mount Vernon High School, students love to get a quick laugh, see a new perspective, or get their slice of drama. With Netflix so easy to access, it’s a hit for students, especially these 10 shows.