The Test That Tells All

By Garret Akers

The Test That Tells All

If you are considering enlisting in the military or just want to know what your strengths are, you should take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, or ASVAB. This is a test of 10 sections where you need to answer a certain number of questions in a time limit. These tests include subjects such as math, science, mechanics, electronics knowledge.

If you’re sure you are joining the military, taking the ASVAB is a must. All of the military recruiters require you to take the ASVAB before you enlist so they know what your strengths are going into the branch you are enlisting in.

The ASVAB has 10 sections of material that you as a test taker need to finish before the time has expired. The sections don’t take very long by themselves but when they’re all put together the test could take around 2-3 hours.

Whatever section you do best in, the recruiters will try to turn you towards the path that involves that knowledge. But you don’t have to enlist in the military. A lot of the students who take the ASVAB don’t join the military. Many take it to find out what their strengths are and use that to figure out what their career will be focused around or if they go to college what to major in.

The other majority of the students that are taking the ASVAB are taking the test because they are planning on joining one of the U.S. many military branches.

Junior Jake Kamerling, who did very well on the ASVAB, said, “I plan on joining the Coast Guard and becoming a rescue swimmer. I also took the test because it shows me my strengths and what I know and it is required to join the Coast Guard,” he said. If you are thinking about joining the military or just want to know your strengths take the ASVAB.