Hall of Fame Inductees Video

Video created by Caroline Voss and Lauren McCollum


by Jalen McNeal

High school students and other members of the community attended the Alumni Hall of Fame induction ceremony for five new members Sept. 28 in the high school gym. The event was hosted by the alumni association, school administrators, and members of the school board and student council.

The  Achievement of Hall of Fame went to Michael Bowers from the class of 1987. Bowers is the Vice President of Humanitarian Leadership and Response at Mercy Corps operating in over 40 countries. On top of that Bowers has over 20 years of international relief and development experience. Bowers said, “I’ve dedicated my life drawing attention towards the issues with famine, war and refugees to world leaders with hopes to better the future.”

The Fine Arts award was given to Dewane Hughes from the class of 1988. Hughes said, “In high school I was an average student.” That was until he took a class changing his perspective on things and Hughes realized it’s ok to be your creative self. Hughes is currently the president of the Texas Sculpture Group and is well sought after having done residencies at over 20 universities around the world.

The Athletic Hall of Fame award winner was Carol Woods-Boren from the class of 1975. “In the early 1970’s Mount Vernon didn’t have competitive girls sports,” said Woods-Boren. Woods-Boren played an important role in gaining an athletic program for girls and worked for the Mount Vernon school district for 33 years.

The Service Hall of Fame award was won by Matthew Borg from the class of 1990. Borg is a person who puts service above self. Currently he’s the co-owner of Acteon Communication. Borg said, “This award gives credit to the people of Mount Vernon who have influenced students in so many ways.”

Finally the MVCSD Community Impact award winner was Mike Smith from the class of 1968. Smith is the owner of Bauman’s and Company on Main Street and constantly promotes the town’s community and school district as much as possible. Smith said, “The reason Bauman’s and Company and other places around Mount Vernon are so successful is because of the people that live here.”




Front Row: 2018 HALL OF FAME INDUCTEES Mike Smith, Michael Bowers, Carol Woods-Boren, Matthew Borg, and Dewane Hughes. Row 2: Barb Thomsen Neal, Ann Koppenhaver, Myrt Clark Bowers, Lisa Capaccioli, Diane Zinkula, Linda Peters, Dean Borg, Richard Scearce, Andrew Morf, and Alina Merlak. Back Row: Nannette Gunn, Ben Brannaman, Greg Batenhorst, John Rife, and Dennis Jordan. Photo by Maddie Shultz.