Senior Meeting Lays Out End of Year Schedule

Ryan Clark

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Second semester is in full swing as students have gotten back into the rhythm of having a full week of school. For the seniors, the end of the year and graduation begin to loom large. Soon they will be planning graduation parties and preparing for their next adventure after high school.

This past Friday a meeting was held during the lunch hour to discuss deadlines for seniors and other end of the year things. Principal Steve Brand and secretary Stephanie Timm explained the planned date for the graduation rehearsal and other requirements in order for seniors to graduate. Each senior must have any fines or fees paid in order to graduate. The seniors were also handed forms to nominate a class and keynote speaker as well as junior ushers.

A reminder that senior pictures and baby pictures are due by April 1 to Mrs. Gage was also discussed. In addition, the topic of scholarships was brought up. Application forms for local scholarships are due prior to spring break. Only seniors who fill out these forms are eligible for the many scholarships presented on senior night.

This meeting brings the realization to many seniors that their final year at Mount Vernon High School is winding down. Senior Emma Klinkhammer said, “I’ve spent the past few years looking forward to graduation, but now that it’s so close I realize how much fun it’s been and that it is going to be really hard not getting to see my classmates every day.” The seniors’ last day is May 16, and commencement is May 19 at 2 p.m..