C.A.R.E Club is Creating Change Around MVHS


C.A.R.E Conference Pamphlet

Madi Speed

A new class for juniors and seniors, taught by Leigh Ann Erickson, and inspired by the  C.A.R.E Club, was just added to the curriculum for next school year. C.A.R.E Seminar is a project-based course focused on individual work. The class will include various guest speakers, field trips, literature, and a chance to expand learning about oppressed groups of people. Students are able to partner with the elementary and middle schools and teach seminars to freshmen and sophomores. “This class really is the nucleus for creating change in our community, state, and nation,” Erickson said.

The C.A.R.E. Club is formally known as the Social Justice Club. Students in last year’s J-term class came up with the acronym: Connect, Absorb, Respond, Empower.

“Compassion is the key to success and I believe this club builds compassion,” Erickson said. Students are able to build friendships and hear personal stories from kids in the community. C.A.R.E Club meets every Friday during block lunch.

Currently, the club is hosting a book drive for refugee children who have been detained to detention centers at the border. Spanish teacher Sue Deibner and her classes are helping to write letters to detained children in Spanish. Students not in the club can assist by posting on social media and listening to announcements for ways to participate. Also, the club is always open for kids who wish to join.