The Dancer

Jayden Rasmussen

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By Jayden Rasmussen

It started at the young are of three his dancing career began. Influenced by his grandma, aunts, and sister he continued to improve day by day. Brynden Fisher enjoyed dancing in groups but moved on to dancing in duos and solos.

Brynden Fisher

He dances from July to January and practices four days a week. All of this dedication results in Fisher winning nationals in 2010. That is Fisher’s greatest achievement and he hopes he can do it again. When Fisher participates in duos his favorite person to dance with it Mady Arenson. They have been friends for a while and work well together in their two dancing duos.


Fisher takes dancing classes in all genres. He has performed in lyrical contemporary, jazz, and rap dancing. His most difficult performance “Magic” was where he had to master magic tricks from a magician and perform them. Fisher likes dancing because “It’s a way to express yourself without having to talk about it,” said Fisher. Fisher hopes within the next few years he can move to New York which is his favorite place to dance to join a company and begin to choreograph.