Magical Night 2018


At the start of the Christmas season, magical night in Mount Vernon is the place to be. Some of the featured events you can find at magical night are dance performances put on by the local Dance Arts Iowa program at the old middle school, Christmas carols sung by the high school choir, cookie decorating with the student council in the library, and the elementary art display in the gym. In this video, you’ll see just how much magical night means to the students of Mount Vernon. Students appearing in the video include Alina Merlak, Cole Miller, Alanah Malone, Megan Baumler, Ashley Elliott, Kaleigh Jordan, Abbey Keen, Kyla Vaughn, Mitchell Louwagie, Marlena Rodenberg, and Emery Willems. Video by Erin Fencl, Isabella Squires, and Amaya Mahoney.