Funny and Embarrassing moments in High School

By Amaya Mahoney

“Ok, I can do this. Just one step at a time and I should make it down these stairs.” *takes one step and falls* “Well, that was embarrassing.” Yep, we’ve all had that moment in high school when we have embarrassed ourselves, whether it’s walking up or down the stairs and falling, or maybe even a clothing mishap. You know you’ve had to have at least one of these moments, every high schooler does. I was able to go around and ask students and even a few teachers at MVHS about the special embarrassing moments that will stick with them forever.

A Story of Misheard Words

When junior Paige Beck was a freshman, she went on a retreat with her volleyball team. Beck was in the basement of the cabin with a couple friends, playing cards. They had decided to play Camp, and Beck didn’t have a partner for the game. “I walked upstairs and asked the upperclassmen if any of them wanted to play camp on. They all started laughing and I got very confused, and I wasn’t realizing at the time that the words “camp on” sounded like “tampon”. Eventually, a senior girl said, “ Did you just say does anyone have a tampon?” I quickly responded with, “CAMP! Does anyone want to play the card game camp?!” Since that day, Beck has never played that game.

A Trip to the Showers

Scott Weber is the MVHS band teacher. He was able to recall an embarrassing moment that had happened to him when he was in high school. Weber says that over the summer when he was 18, he had the privilege to march with the Colts in Montreal Quebec, Canada. “On one of our free days, my friends partook in a drinking adventure since they were able to at that age in Canada and my friends had taken in a little too much alcohol at the time.” Weber says that they eventually went back to the school they were staying at. And remember, everything there is French so they didn’t know what anything said and there was a bunch of information that they weren’t able to understand. They were staying in the library and Weber had gotten up early in the morning to shower before the rehearsal, but he didn’t know where he was going at all. “So I walked out in just a towel with my shower stuff and a change of clothes. I found a set of double doors and walked through those, then found another double door in a hallway and realized I wasn’t in a place I wanted to be. I had walked into an orientation for all high school girls.” The door had eventually shut behind him and locked so he was standing there in just a towel with his shower stuff in front of at least 400 high school girls. “So being me, I just walked through the group and got a drink of water and casually asked where the showers were.”

A Failure to Impress

Senior Brian Beebe tells about a time when he was trying to impress a new girl at school. “I was revving the motor up and I went to go forward and my vehicle died and everyone started laughing.” Beebe started laughing and panicking while trying to start up the vehicle again, but it did nothing but sit there. “I had to wave a couple buddies and push my vehicle home…. right next door to the new girl.”

Oops… Wrong Locker Room

Junior Shannon Beck tells about a time when her and Addison Santee walked into the boys locker room on accident. Beck tells about the first day of freshman year when she was done lifting for P.E.. “I was done lifting, and I saw the boys from our gym class go in one side of the locker room. And without thinking Addisen and I walked into the other side. We thought it was boys on one side and girls on the other.” They both realized when they got to the middle of the locker room that it was definitely the wrong one. “Standing before us were the senior boys from our class, shirtless and all. For a solid five seconds, a senior football player and I, had a stare down,” says Beck. “For the rest of the year I had to pass that senior in the hallway, and I always remembered that first day of school, and remember how embarrassed I was.” Looking back now she realized that the situation was a funny event and made it something to joke about.