Cellphone use in class

By Logan Griebel The use of cell phones has skyrocketed in classes. Almost every Mount Vernon High School student has a cell phone. Today, society is wrapped around the use of technology, especially in schools. An email survey was given to Mount Vernon High School students in late October asking if cell phone use in class is a problem and if rules should be enforced more or abolished on the use of phones in class. Students felt that cell phones should be monitored more so other kids can focus on what is being taught without the teacher having to address the problem. Others believed that allowing phones in class gives the opportunity to be able to have any answer at the tips of their fingers. The percent of students who think cell phone usage in class should be abolished is 51.7 percent. Other students want the rule of not being able to use phones in class enforced. They represent 48.3 percent of the students in Mount Vernon High School. Senior Matt Martin enjoys having the ability to use his phone in class but knows it can also be distracting. Being in his last year of high school, Martin has noticed that the use of phones has increased in just the past year. With freshmen using their phones more in class, it has forced the teachers to enforce stricter rules, but is that what is needed? The fact that students have their phones in class sometimes means they miss the information that is needed to be able to do the do homework given by the teacher simply due to the fact of them being on their phones. Some teachers have to stay in longer after school to help students that didn’t get the information the first time. “I go in after school sometimes because I wasn’t paying attention but also because I didn’t understand the criteria being taught,” said Martin. Teachers tend to stay on a topic longer than needed for some students, which doesn’t benefit the ones who learn faster than others or pay attention in class. “The teachers have done a good job cracking down on cell phones use, but there are still small issues,” Martin said. A solution will have to be created that has benefits for the students and the teachers of Mount Vernon High School. In order for both to be happy with the solution, there needs to be a happy middle. But how will that be decided? Martin believes that students and teachers need to see each point of view and decide whether having phones in class is what is best for everyone. In history classes, students at the Mount Vernon High School are required to give a speech over a current event that is going on in the world, which is found online. Our generation has grown up with the use of technology being everywhere and very much apart of our lives. With that there isn’t a way to avoid technology overall because it is used on a daily basis but there are things that can be set in order of rules on when or when it isn’t an appropriate time to be using them. People of all different ages have different opinions on whether the use of cell phones is a good or a bad thing especially in school. Sophomore Keean Kamerling is one of many who feel that being able to use phones in class is a positive. With new information being taught to students at such a fast rate, being able to look information up online is a big advantage, especially for the kids that learn at a faster or slower rate than others. Having phones and allowing the use of technology during class allows different ways of teaching other than just someone lecturing which can be a good break for some. “Phones are very helpful tools, they have all the answers at our fingertips,” Kamerling said. They give people the necessary knowledge to further understand the topic they are researching whether it be simple math or a research paper. Phones are relied on every day which has been a change for some other generations but is how the world works today. Missing one day of school can really affect someone’s grade, but with the use of technology students can be at home sick but still be able to learn what is being taught by videos that the teacher posts online or the notes that were talked about in class that day. “Just after missing one day I was so stressed but after I went online to the class website I was able to get caught up; it’s a lifesaver,” Kamerling said. Often, if a student doesn’t know the answer to something they just look it up, and in a fraction of a millisecond, the answer is there. Phones have allowed students to have more knowledge at a younger age, allowing more growth. With English classes requiring the use of Google Docs, there is no way to avoid technology use, which includes phones. While in class being on your phone is almost a must for some students, but there are times more appropriate than others. During class when the teacher is giving a lecture or giving instructions to the class, it probably isn’t the best time to be on the phone nor is it respectful to the teacher. But if all class work is done and has been checked by the teacher, then it would be a good time to pull out the phone. Also, if there is a homework assignment or in class activity that requires a cell phone that is a perfect time to have the phone out. The cell phone is a very helpful resource during school, but if not used right it can affect the learning of students and others around them.