New Year, New Quarterback

Sophomore Brady Ketchum hands the ball off to junior Garrett Hormann Sept. 14.  Mount Vernon beat Maquoketa 42-7. Photo by Lauren McCollum.

By Lauren McCollum

With his second season of football right around the corner, sophomore Brady Ketchum practiced a lot over summer to prepare for the upcoming year. Training included scrimmaging other teams along with speed and agility training.

After Drew Adams, the Mustangs’ former starting quarterback, graduated, there was a big role in the team that needed to be filled. Last year was Ketchum’s first time being a quarterback on the freshman team and he fell completely in love with the position. This year he took on this position at the varsity level.

“Drew was a really good mentor,” said Ketchum, “and he’s taught me so much, anything from teaching me how to take a proper three step drop to being a leader from the quarterback position.”

Being a younger kid on a team with a lot of talented upperclassman, Ketchum’s mindset going into the season was to help all of them the best he could and hopefully get some wins.

Stepping into this position Ketchum was nervous, but having a supportive community and teammates has helped him adjust to the position a lot.

“Brady knows the game of football really well,” said teammate Andrew Louwagie, a senior. “He’s done a great job of stepping into a big leadership position for our team and is always working hard to get better.”

Growing up, Ketchum’s life has always been dominated by football. Having his dad as a coach, and sister as a manager, Ketchum’s family is constantly either preparing for the football season or discussing it.  

The team’s goals this year are to win a district title and make it to the playoffs.

“There’s nothing like Mustang football,” said Ketchum. “It’s such a bonding experience different from anything I’ve ever done before.”