Mustangs Win Homecoming Game Against Benton Bobcats

Mason Hartman

Mount Vernon had a great homecoming win over Benton Friday night with a huge score of 47-0, and junior Evan Brase making three touchdown catches.

“Both teams gave a good fight in the beginning,” said Clayton Flack who plays center for the Mustangs, after the win.

The Mustangs came out with a stronger team than ever, starting the game with a pass to Brady Erickson for a touchdown 8-0 against the Bobcats. And from then on it was just a rough night for the Bobcats, mistake after mistake with the Mustangs taking every chance to get the ball back and get another touchdown.

The ‘Stangs defense pushed the Bobcats to the 4th down every time they had the ball. “I wasn’t letting a single Bobcat get through me,” said offensive lineman Trystin Lashey.

With the defense having multiple turnovers and sacks not a single Bobcat went anywhere with the ball.
Leading to the end of the first half were the Mustangs 19-0.

During half time the marching band put on a great show for the Mount Vernon community with the 007 theme, along with the hilarious student section having their competitions. They did one of their favorites, a pushup contest, and many chants towards the other team across the field making sure they know that they are losing.

After the show, it was back to football.

In the second-half, quarterback Joey Rhomberg completed passes to senior Brady Erickson and senior Jenson Meeker.
Rhomberg made huge drives up the field and threw for four touchdowns with 329 yards on the game.

Clark Youngreen said he knew the Bobcats weren’t going to show up ready to face the Stangs Friday night.

This win puts the Bobcats at a 3-2 record while the ‘Stangs defend the streak 5-0 on the season.