The Parking Problem


Matthew Erlandson

When you look outside from your classroom at the parking lot what do you expect to see? Cars parked in every spot with a few gaps? Not enough cars with too much parking and open space? Nope, all you see is a packed-full parking lot with cars lining every available spot and some cars even parked on the grass and dirt.

Parking is a well-known problem in Mount Vernon High School which many students feel strongly about. Most students agree that we need more parking, fast! Freshmen are already not allowed to park in the parking lots and there still aren’t enough spots for sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

As of this year, there are 427 students going to Mount Vernon High School. Freshmen aren’t allowed to park in the parking lot meaning the freshman class with 129 students won’t park in the lots so there is a max total of 298 students eligible to park in the school parking lot. With both school lots having a combined total of 174 parking spots it’s easy to see why students dislike parking at MVHS.

Luckily with the new auditorium and fitness center being built, there are an estimated 30 – 50 new spots being made to help the parking problem at our school. From an anonymous survey 15 out of 15 people said the parking situation at our school is bad and needs to change. An easy fix for this would be to invest in a temporary dirt parking lot that would help until the new lots are built. 

Hopefully, the school board hears our complaints and fixes the bad parking situation at our school.