Largest Concert in Mount Vernon

All choir members of Mount Vernon singing together.

By Jayden Rasmussen

All of the Mount Vernon Community School District choirs performed at the same concert. There were over five choirs performing at the Mount Vernon High School. Sixth grade students through seniors in high school performed, and at the very end they all performed together.

This concert gave older students the opportunity to see how they have grown as singers, and gave younger students a glimpse of what they will become. The audience also got to see what the development of the choirs looks like. The high school jazz choirs performed too which gave the audience a little taste of the incredible talent which brought them to state jazz. This type of concert can only be seen once a year.

This concert became very difficult to rehearse do to all of the snow days. The school district had about ten snow days this quarter. Senior concert choir member Connor Myers said, “We didn’t get as much time to practice which made it so we were behind when school started back up again.” The students stayed focused in the choir rehearsals to make the best of what time they did have.

The sixth, seventh, and eighth grade choirs sang two songs each and the older grades each sang three songs. The very last song of the night consisted of every choir and was a grand finale. The final song was called “For as Long as I Have Music” and this song was known by many of the other students from prior choir years. Senior president of the concert choir Ryan Clark said, “My favorite song was the last one because all of the choirs came together to sing it.” The finale had the biggest applause of all because it was amazing to see everyone working together to create such an experience for the audience.